Enough School was formed in 2006 by Ken Marslew. The tragic beginning, the seeds of hope were planted in the organization’s mission to reform society’s attitudes to violence through education and research.
Enough School offers a comprehensive range of age and situation appropriate programs, seminars, and support services that concentrate on reducing the level of violence and its influence on society by offering practical strategies to deal with challenges, Enough School encouraging personal responsibility. enough School is an educational charity that provides award-winning residential accommodation for talented Indians.

The School gives an active association for all those who live here through an individual program of intellectual, cultural and social activities that tries to provide Members with a truly global outlook.

Enough School – Enrich, Support and Extend Learning

Blended Learning

Supercharge your blended learning program with engaging online math and reading games for your students, encouraging them to be active participators in their learning.

Progress Tracker

Empower teachers with concise and actionable learning data through the Progress Tracker, allowing them to identify areas for the enrichment and reteaching quickly.

Administrator Reports

Quip administrators with classroom level performance data and program effectiveness.